Jul 182008

Despite the fact that this is currently the biggest fire in the country, things are a bit slow – and are already kind of winding down. There’s a projected containment date of July 25th. So, if that comes to fruition, they likely won’t need me much beyond that date.

Here’s a picture of Makoto, the IMET I relieved today, giving the afternoon planning weather briefing yesterday:

Here’s the area where the morning briefings are held:

…and there’s a track at the fairground where we’re based:

I know…boring. That’s all for now.

  2 Responses to “SHU Lightning Complex II”

  1. What in the world do you mean, Thor, when you say car racing is BORING? Just ask your fiance how exciting racing can be…ask her about how exciting race nachos are! Brennyn grew up with NASCAR on Sunday morning like some people grow up with God’s word… hmmm, makes me sound almost like an unfit mother. In the immortal words of Roseanne Roseannadanna, “Nevermind.”

  2. Ooops, wrong SNL character…what I meant to say was…in the words of the immortal Emily Litella…”nevermind.”

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