Sep 202007

My first wild bear…awwww. The FBAN and I saw this little fella scamper off the road as we were heading to the fire lookout on Mt. Tolman. He’s still got some growing to do. I’m told that they grow into their ears, and the tops of their heads get flat as they approach adulthood.

This is the fire lookout tower on top of Mt. Tolman (~4000 feet – 47?59’50.95″N, 118?45’48.05″W).

Striking a pose on the road to the lookout.

Looking east from on the lookout tower. That brown patch near the center of the photo is from where I took the photo of the helicopter doing the retardant drop the other day. The drop was being done just to the south of the tower…where there is still some smoldering today.

The afore-mentioned smoldering south of the tower.

This is just an altered version of the tower photo above. I’m using it as my desktop background.

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