Sep 182007

Pretty uneventful day today. High afternoon RH’s…and the fire is pretty much done for – at least as far as we’re concerned.

Tomorrow’s discussion…then a couple of photos:


After just a small chance of a shower this morning, it will be a little warmer and drier today across the area as an area of upper level low pressure pulls off to the south into northern California. Strong gusty north to northeast winds will be possible through the day today as high pressure at the surface tries to push into the northwest. A little warmer and drier on Thursday?with relative humidity expected to make it back down into the lower 20s again in some parts of the area.


The warmest day of the week will come on Friday, with some spots hitting the 80 degree mark. Some cooling on Saturday and Sunday as today?s upper level low begins to pass to our southeast. However, this cooling will be offset by the introduction of very dry air in the lower portions of the atmosphere. The result will be relative humilities in the teens across the area Saturday and Sunday.

They’re very serious about keeping this building clean, so I’ve been keeping my garbadge picked up. As requested…a photo of me doing a briefing.

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