Sep 172007

The FBAN (Don) and I, took a drive around portions of the fire today – focusing more on northern portions of the fire, where there was still some active fire as of this morning. There isn’t much left. As of last night, we were 80% contained…as of 2000 (8pm) today, we were 100%!

This tree nearly fell on someone’s car. We got there about 10 minutes after it happened…and then waited only a few minutes before someone with a chainsaw could get there. This road was closed after this, so that crews could “snag” the road. That essentially means, that they go up-and-down the road and make sure there aren’t any partially burned trees about to fall on the road (like this one)…and they take care of any that may.Chopper making a retardant drop on some hot spotsThis is a photo of the Columbia river that I took on our way to the fireline. The Grand Coulee Dam is just around the bend.We drove some pretty gnarly roads up to a spot where one of the FOBS (Fire Observer…I think) was stationed. A very nice view of some hot spots from there. That’s Don and the FOBS fella.The view to the northeast from the FOBS’s peak. We were at around 3700 feet I think.

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