Sep 162007

Against my mom’s direct orders – I flew the fire today. My first time in a helicopter. I got an opportunity to take a look at the fire with my own eyes. Helps allot in the forecasting for the fire – and it’s just plain cool.

Here’s a short video…and some photos are below.

I’d never seen a fire lookout in person, or flown in a helicopter. 2 firsts at once.A great example of using resources already in place on the ground (a road, in this case), as a fire-break. “The black”, or burned portion of the fire line on the left (north)…and unburned on the right.I just thought this was a cool photo. That’s the Sanpoil river, not far from where it joins up with the Columbia. Hopefully I’ll be able to get some shots of Grand Coulee before I leave.Just another pretty picture. That ain’t burnin’.Since we flew around 9am this morning…the inversion was in full effect - with smoke a-plenty in some of the valleys on the interior of the fire line.

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