Aug 262007

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I took a trip out to the fire line with the FBAN, Gale. With 3 fire dispatches under my belt, and not a flame seen…she was determined to show me something. We didn’t see anything too terribly crazy fire-wise. …but we saw some good stuff. Stuff I’d never seen before. I’m easily entertained right now. Two weeks of camping will do that to ya’.

I’d never seen salmon spawn…and it happens to be spawning season. So, on our way to portions of the southern reaches of the complex…we couldn’t help but to stop by and take a look. This is one of the streams we stopped by. Notice the deadish trees. This area was burned (note the black ground in places)…but not so hot that the trees were all destroyed.


Idaho is pretty. Who knew? Allot of dead/half burned trees everywhere…as we were in “the black” (burned area of the complex) for a majority of the trip today.

Some group torching (small stand of trees burning) near Warm Lake. This is in the video below.

Me, standing next to some puny fire trying to act awesome. It didn’t work out…and I look a smidgen cross-eyed. …not that there’s anything wrong with that.

I’m not sure of the date (it was while I was here)…but this was a trash truck who’s brakes went out on a VERY steep curvy hill on the way back from one of our spike camps (where firefighters stay, away from the main camp – ICP, in order to be a little closer to where they need to be). The two passengers in this truck apparently sheltered in this general area for 9 hours…while their truck was burned over. The road had closed behind them…due to fire. Eeek.

A view of some of the southern portions of the Cascade Complex from the afore-mentioned “VERY steep curvy hill”. Looks like an atom bomb’s been dropped, doesn’t it?

A structure in Landmark, ID wrapped in the same material they make our fire shelters out of – to help protect against fire.

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