Aug 222007

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Pretty easy-going forecast today. Busy busy busy overall though. Since the new team took over, the number of meetings has tripled – thanks in part to a night shift that wasn’t active before.

This is what is called a “bagel” in our camp lunch sack:

Here’s an unflattering photo of me after not shaving for a week – and an equally unflattering photo after shaving.

I pieced together a panorama of the camp area…more for my benefit. …but here it is:

And finally, a view of my cozy little bedroom…

Rumors of rain have been floating through the camp?mainly related to the trough over the weekend. I squashed them for many in out plans meeting today?but I?ll continue the crusade at tomorrow?s ?big briefing? in the circus tent. I haven?t found out what to attribute the rumor to ? but I suspect it might be a bit my fault with all of my ?trough? talk for the weekend ? and the wind it?ll bring. Despite putting no chance of rain in the forecast and mostly clear skies over the weekend, allot of people associate the word ?trough?with rain. I should?ve been – and now will be – more explicit.

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