Aug 202007

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Amendment – 8/21/2007: Turns out, the Cascade compex should be the 2nd biggest in the states…behind the Zaca fire in CA. 205,908 vs. 215,692 acres. Close, but no cigar.

I forgot…the name of my complex is changing. The team who’s camp was burnt around on the 13th – the Cascade Complex – is leaving…as is the Landmark Complex team I was assigned to. One team is taking over all of the fires that both teams were responsible for. The IMET that was working the Cascade Complex is going home – so I’m inheriting them all tomorrow: the Monumental Fire, the Sandy Fire, and the Riordan Fire (the only fire currently in the Landmark Complex). It’ll all to be named the “Cascade Complex”. The total size should be around 205,000 acres…making it the largest complex in the nation right now (I think – I’ll let you know for sure later). Eeeek.

Anywho…here’s a pretty current fire perimeter map (as of 2 days ago). I’ll be responsible for weather on all of them, but the North Fork Fire…where Chuck will remain until Wed, when a new IMET replaces him.

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