Aug 172007

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I think I promised video of the Cascade Complex “burn around” of August 13th, in this blog. Here it is (or go here, and make it full-screen):

Watch the whole thing. I didn’t edit out anything…so there’s allot of it there. Right around 3:00 minutes…it starts getting interesting. Watch for the fire whirls (the tornado-like tubes of fire). At one point, the camera pans to the right, to show some of the folks in the camp. Our IMET is one of them. Camp resdents crowded near the center of camp, as far away from fuel as possible. A forest of 10-story pine trees burns pretty hot.

The guy with the water hose is putting out spot fires caused by “fire brands” – or bits of burning material that gets flung far into the air, and fall away from the main fire updrafts. You can hear bits of burning stuff – like pine cones or twigs – pelting things on the ground from time to time in the video. I’m told that the IMET had her ear burned by something falling.

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