Aug 142007

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I’m still technically traveling to my camp at the Landmark Complex. Roads are so rough, that everyone in and out is required to be escorted. The soonest convoy into camp leaves at 1400 my time…or in about an hour and fifteen minutes.

The fire just south of mine (they’re expected to burn together before too long), had some big problems last night. They waited too long to evacuate camp, and had to do what is called “sheltering in place”. That basically means that all of the folks at camp crowd towards the center of camp, where the least fire fuel is…in hopes of not being hurt. No one was…but the fire got so close, that the paint bubbled on some of the cars. The IMET there got embers in her shirt. Little scary. The Fire Behavior Analyst here has told me, that based on their models, there is about a 60-70% chance of the Landmark camp being burned in the next 14 days. Hopefully it waits until the 14th day. We’ll leave before that happens…not to worry.

The Governor of Idaho came to visit our camp today. The photo here, is of the IMET (Chuck) at this camp (not the one I’m going to this afternoon) briefing the gov on the weather. I told Chuck, it’s not too many times in your life, that someone peaks their head into your office and says, “the Governor needs you”. Pretty cool. In the photo, the Governor is on the left, and Chuck’s on the far right. The guy in the middle is the Incident Commander (IC).

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