Jul 252007

Here are some new photos. I never had a chance to get out on the fire, before things got tame…so I’ll have to rely on photos from the FBAN and IMET that were taken a few days ago :(. Maybe next fire. Today’s my last work day. I’ll be leaving tomorrow morning.

A small flame front on the West Fork Fire.

Also from the West Fork Fire.

Retardant drop.

One big concern of the team, in the conservation of historic landmarks during the fire fighting. This is a photo of a portion of the California Trail (read about it on Wikipedia)…which runs through the northern portions of the South Fork Fire. I was told, that those are still the wagon train ruts. The trail was used from the early 1840’s into the 1860’s by gold-seekers and farmers on their way to Cali.

This photo is from a large area “in the black” (burned).

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