Jul 222007

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Our complex is now the #1 fire in the nation – as far as importance is ranked in the National Interagency Coordination Center Incident Management Situation Report. This is mostly because of the perceived threat to Jackpot, NV and surrounding ranches. From the report:

Winecup Complex (nine fires), Elko Field Office, BLM. IMT 1 (Broyles). Six miles west of Jackpot, NV. Brush and
grass. Extreme plume-dominated fire behavior. Ranches, structures and utility infrastructures threatened.

According to folks here…that distance from Jackpot is much smaller… Not sure why there is a discrepancy.

It is the 5th largest, purely by size – now at 79,748 acres. It was only 16,617 acres as of Thursday morning.

There as been some very extreme fire behavior. Yesterday’s plume was an example. One of the division leaders out on the fire yesterday, saw one valley in which about 100 acres was burned in less than one minute. Wow. Flame fronts were moving >20mph in spots.

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