Jul 212007

Here are some new photos.

It seemed like there were fires everywhere along I-80 from Salt Lake City, UT into Nevada. Here was a fairly large fire very near the highway.

On my way to camp, I took Interstate 80 from Salt Lake City, UT into Nevada. There’s allot of salt along that road. I passed within a few miles of the Bonneville Salt Flat, near the UT/NV state line. I snapped this photo from my car.

I took highway 93 north from Interstate 80, to get to Jackpot, NV – where camp is. This is a photo of the fire nearest our camp, as I was coming up on Jackpot. An alright plume of smoke, to be sure. You can see the pyro-cumulus forming on top of the column. This was my first time seeing that. Yippee.

There are two main fires on this complex (and several smaller): the Scott Creek Fire, and the West Fork Fire. The Scott Creek Fire is just to our west and Southwest. Smoke from the fire is what is seen in the photo. It’s still early, so the smoke column isn’t quite fully developed yet. There has been a little bit of concern about protecting structures here in Jackpot as SW flow continues to be pretty strong today. The firefighters have built a fire line on the ridge adjacent to us (the one in the photo), to try and halt any spread this way. The fires within about 3 miles of camp now. Winds die down considerable tomorrow…so any threat of that kind should subside.

Finally, this is just a photo of one of the choppers that drops retardant on the fire lines. The heliport is right next to us.

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