Sep 162006

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Tripod Complex Entry

Parental Warning!!! Some content not suitable for children!!!

Here are a couple of excerpts from entries in the weather log done by the IMET that trained me before he left…as altered by the Fire Behavior Analyist (FBAN):

DAY 38 DATE: 9/06/06 Wednesday

…temperatures were generally about the same as yesterday, ranging from 72 at Gardner FRAWS to 95 at Highway 20 FRAWS. Afternoon minimum humidities ranged from 13% at Buck Mtn to 21% at 1st Butte. Corey, IMET Trainee, arrived this evening at 9 pm. He seems like an asshole. …

DAY 39 DATE: 9/07/06 Thursday

…We were told that they are moving camp within the next 24 to 48 hours. Corey and I are going to 8 Mile Camp and Mazama tomorrow. I hope he doesn?t fuck up to bad. …

DAY 40 DATE: 9/08/06 Friday

…Corey and I traveled to 8 Mile Camp to search for the missing ATMU. I don?t think he?s bathed in days. Talking with The Supply Chief, no trace has been found. It was looked for as supply was torn down and packed to move. No ATMU found. Next step is to search the Wenatchee Fire Cache on my way back to Seattle, Monday the 11th. Corey and I then continued west to Mazama on a familiarization trip and to monitor the Highway 20 Fire RAWS reaction to Large traffic. Corey pretty much just sat in the vehicle for the afternoon because he was afraid of snakes. …

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