Sep 112006

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I know we’ve all seen deer before, but there is something wrong with these deer’s brains. There are deer all over this area, and you can walk right up to them. The last 2 of these photos was taken without zooming at all. I was about 4 feet away. Weird. I was told you can pet them…but I didn’t try. Look a little mangy. But, like I tell people here, they’re still good eatin’, ’cause mange is nature’s seasoning.

These two photos were taken at around 5:45am, at a splinter camp from our own in Conconully. We conduct the briefing from around the big bright light in the photo on the left.

To do this thing, I get up at around 4am, to review weather info, to make sure the forecast is on track. We (me, and 4 others who give other info at the briefing) then leave at around 5am for this camp near Loomis (not the new one I’ll talk about below). We arrive 45 minutes later, for the briefing to the crews there at 6am. We also have a briefing each day at the main camp at 6am (Conconully). The other IMET did that one this morning.

Tomorrow, we move camp to Loomis, WA, to be closer to the active fire. The fire is on the moutain range to the West of the highlighted cities on the map. We’re currently in Conconully, WA.

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