Sep 102006

The Fire Behavior Analyst (FBAN), John, and I went to what is currently called division N on the Tripod fire yesterday. Or, to be fire-fancy, division November.Anywho…this division is on the far northeast side of the fire, and is of great importance because of the fire perimeter’s proximity to the Loomis National Forest. This is a protected forest, that hasn’t burned in a long long time…and is thus primed for burning with lots and lots of good fuel, ready to go up. So, the challenge on this side of the fire, is to clean up forest (burning it) up to the protected area, without (obviously) setting the protected area up in flames too. So, the FBAN planned a trip up there to evaluate the situation, and look at the dozer line (a line cleared of trees and other fuels, meant to serve as a firebreak and protection for stuff on the other side). Unfortunately, weather was kind of dreary this day…so there wasn’t much cool-looking fire.

This area was beautiful. I tried to get a few good pics. I didn’t get to see any fire personally, only smoke…but take a look anyways.

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