Sep 092006

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Tripod Complex Entry

Here are some more photos from my trip to the Tripod Complex (1,
These are boring. I’ll post some better ones of my trip to the fire tomorrow.
No ACTUAL fire though. Smoke…no fire. Beautiful though.

Jim, giving an afternoon planning
Me, giving an afternoon planning briefing.
The “big ones” are in the morning. It’s more like a pre-planning
planning briefing.
On a drive north to scout a new spot for a Remote Automated
Weather Sensor (RAWS), I saw some places where they had structures surrounded
by sprinklers, for fire protection.
Up on the right hand slope of this road is a fire RAWS.
We were checking it out…trying to see if there were any il-effects due
to traffic on the winds. There weren’t. The RAWS remains there. Exciting.
A little fire house on the N side
of the fire.

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