Sep 072006

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Tripod Complex Entry

Here are some photos from my trip to the Tripod
. The first 4 are from the drive in, and the bottom 3 are from camp.
I would have taken a picture of where I sleep, but I think you’ve all seen an
SUV before.

No really interesting photos yet…but I go to the fireline tomorrow morning,
so I can get an idea of what I’m forecasting for. So with any luck…

Off I-90 East of Seattle Sunset behind me on my way down Highway 2
East in WA
Fields on my way down Highway 2 East in WA. Notice how
dry the grass is!
A bridge across the Okanogan River in the distance as
I traveled north on highway 97 towards Omak, WA (near camp). Notice how
the smoke is starting to make thing a little fuzzy.
Weather equipment on camp. There
are several in locations around the fire, who’s data we have access to.
Some of the big-wig’s tents. We work out of
one of those trailers behind them.
Here are some of the tents on camp. These
belong to firefighters.

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