Sep 052006

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Tomorrow, the 6th, I”ll be leaving for Washington state on an Incident Meteorologist (IMET) dispatch for the National Weather Service. There”s a wildfire called the Tripod, there. I”ll be in Conconully State Park in Omak, WA. If you click on the link I provided for the park, notice that it says: “The main camping area is closed to the public. It is being used as a forest fire command center.” I”ll be camping for 2 weeks. Here”s a map of generally where I”ll be (click on it, to enlarge the image):

The Tripod fire is in the mountains just to the west of Omak (there”s a Super Wal-Mart in Omak!). Here”s a closer look (again, click to enlarge):

Click here, to see a satellite image of smoke from the fire (taken on the 3rd, I believe).

This map shows the burned and actively burning areas of the fire as of the 3rd. For more recent information on the fire, the USDA Forest Service has a nice map, with info updated daily. Just click on the number on the map corresponding to the Tripod Complex (there is a key below the map), and a window will pop up telling you the newest about the fire. As of today, the #19 corresponds to the Tripod Complex, and a Type I team is assigned to the fire (that”s why the fire indicator on the map is red). A Type I team is trained and experienced to manage the most complex incidents, whether they be wildland fires, hurricanes, floods, terrorist strikes or virtually any type of disaster.

As of the 4th, is was classified as a 161,111 acre fire (5% increase from the 3rd) and was about 56% contained. This fire was caused by lightning.

Hopefully, I”ll be able to post some pics here while I”m at camp. You can check on my status (whether I”m there or traveling there or home) here…if you know my name.

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